Monday, June 06, 2005

Fury and delight

Fury: We had a garage sale this weekend. Hubby has been busting his hump for a few weeks to get things ready for this, but he was stymied at the last moment by DD getting sick and having to stay home from daycare on Friday. DH couldn't do any prep with her around, so we ended up going to bed really late on Friday night getting ready. And then we woke up on Saturday morning, went outside to start the sale going...and it was raining. We were late getting everything ready. We had to erect a tent for shelter (I know, tradition says that if it rains you pull the sale into the garage, hence the term 'garage sale' - great plan in theory, but in reality our garage is way too messy for that). This took extra time and energy, and after that my husband was too pooped to go around the neighbourhood and put up signs.

The only saving grace was that our neighbours across the street were also (by coincidence) having a yard sale, and they put up signs of their own, which attracted people to our sale, too. (And we helped them because we had put an ad in the local paper, which I don't think they combined, our two families did an okay job with the publicity.)

So...we got wet, we exhausted ourselves, we lost sleep...and for what? Minus our advertising costs?

Fourteen bucks. Woo.

We'll try not to spend it all in one place.

Delight: Post-garage sale, poor DH was totally flaked out in the living room chair, looking completely exhausted. I decided right there to give him his birthday present from me a day early, since his feet seemed to be killing him and he could probably really use some nice cushy socks right around then.

I was right. He LOVED the socks. Really, really, really, really loved them. He said they were super-comfortable and made his feet extremely happy. He made delighted little comments about them here and there throughout the rest of the weekend, and on Sunday night he turned them inside-out to see how they were made. :) He couldn't believe it when I told him they were knitted in the round - he didn't see how that could be possible. "How did you do the heel?!?" he asked with amazement. :)

Fury: DD's cold really got her down this weekend. She was unbelievably whiny, obstinant and was constantly asking for stuff and then changing her mind. To make matters worse, her nose was so drippy all Friday that her upper lip is now very badly chapped. I'm talking red, raw, and in some spots, scabbed. It looks so painful, and she even gets a bit scared by it when she looks in the mirror. Although I did finally get her to start calling it a 'boo boo' instead of a 'beard'. :)

She's home from daycare again today, but she got a lot of sleep last night and DH says she's much perkier. However, she threw up this morning - apparently because of too many coughing spasms. Poor kid.

Oh, and did I mention that DH is now coming down with her cold? It's only a matter of time before I'm next.

Delight: DH is coming along really well on his first golf club cover:

You can't see it really well in this picture, but the ribbing looks great. You should be able to see that he's just made a colour change for his first horizontal stripe. He has made a few errors here and there but I think the whole thing is going really well. He complains about how slow he is, but I've been watching him, and he's actually picked up a noticeable amount of speed.

Fury: And finally...this morning, as I got out the camcorder to take pictures for the blog, I smugly congratulated myself on remembering that I'd been using the tape function over the weekend, and that I should therefore flip the switch from 'tape' to 'card' to take pictures.

However, it turns out that the switch was already on the 'card' function, and my brilliant flipping only turned it back to the 'tape' function. This meant that when I hit the button to take a picture of DH's stripy socks, the camcorder instead recorded a small amount of video onto the tape that was in there. And what did I record over? Why, DD interacting with my mom at Christmas, of course.

So there we go, lovely holiday footage of beautiful baby and her grandma, and then, suddenly, six inexplicable seconds of sock. And then the baby-and-grandma footage comes back in.

Can you believe it? I am sooo mad at myself. I can't even rant about my stupidity to my husband, because I have to keep the existence of the socks a secret from him until Father's Day! Argh! I guess my only consolation is that it could have been worse - I could have taped over DD's birth. I shall be thankful for small mercies.

Preemie burial gown for St. Mike's Hospital
I completely forgot to mention last week that I was able to hand this over to my friend who works at St. Mike's. (She came to DD's birthday party.) It was greatly appreciated and I am sure it will be distributed appropriately.
Celtic cable sweater for baby MacDonald
I have a bad feeling that I am going to be late finishing this sweater. Here's the thing...I asked co-worker's boss if our department would be throwing any kind of party to celebrate the upcoming blessed event. She said she's planning to 'pass the hat' around and give him a gift certificate at our department picnic on the 16th. This means that, if I want to piggy-back on that little celebration, I have to have this sweater done in ten days. TEN DAYS?!? But gets better. Co-worker's wife works for the same employer, although in a different department. So it's possible that any moment now, our department will get invited to a joint party for both of them, which of course would be the ideal time to give my gifts. The problem is that this (as yet theoretical) party might be even earlier than the 16th, since co-worker's wife is planning to go on mat leave at the end of June, and co-worker has been heard to express doubts that she will even last that long. To make matters even worse, the knitting project schedule I wrote up for myself last week had me finishing the body by this point, and I'm not even close. I've finished knitting the body in the round and have divided for the sleeves, but I'm only working on the first side of the front neckline - the back of the sweater above the armscyes is still completely untouched. Clearly, I have messed up badly on the planning and timing of this project. I may have to forge full steam ahead on this, and ignore DH's stripy socks for a little while.
Striped socks for DH
Sock #1 was completed on Friday, and I cast on for sock #2:

This morning I completed the toe and got about an inch and a half done on the foot. I'm pleased.

P.S. One of these days I will reply to the comments I've been receiving, honest. :)

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