Monday, May 09, 2005

Budget? What? Huh?

I went shopping for some very responsible things this weekend.

  • DD needed T-shirts.
  • DD needed of sunglasses. (Incidentally, she loves 'em - "I wearing sunglasses!" She wore them this morning with her poncho, hood up, inspiring me to call her 'Zsa Zsa'. This makes DH shudder, he much prefers 'Jacquie' or 'Grace'.)
  • I was hoping (in vain, as it turns out) for some new black shoes. My current pair is too big - all that stuff I read in the pregnancy books about feet expanding after giving birth is utter crap.
  • I went looking for new slippers for DH (no luck, they're a seasonal item, I'm probably going to have to knit him some instead).

And then, while in Zellers fruitlessly searching for adult footwear (does no one make fashionable shoes for women with less than a 2" heel?!? Are they trying to kill us?!?), I decided to see what yarn was available in the craft section. See, I've sorta got a future project in mind, and it's going to take multiple colours of fingering weight yarn, get the idea. And so...well...I bought multiple balls of yarn. Including self-striping sock yarn which I thought I could use to make DH a second pair of socks (even though I haven't started on his first pair of socks).

In my defence, it is all justifiable, honest. The sock yarn can come out of the clothing budget and the rest of it can come out of the gifts budget. It was only $2 a ball...

Remember, an addict can only begin the road to recovery when she admits that there actually is a problem. Since I steadfastly maintain a strict policy of denial, it is therefore pointless to try and help me. So back off. :)

Snowdrop cloth for DH's aunt
The knitting is done. Didja hear that? I'll say it louder - THE KNITTING IS DONE!!! Finished the last point on the edging last night while we were at my parents' place for Mother's Day. We spread it all out on their dining room table, and even unblocked, it looks fabulous. I wallowed in compliments for some time. I then sewed the two ends of the edging together and wove in a few ends at the back. There are some more ends to weave in, and the huge gaping maw is still a problem that will need to be tightened up. But it is very, very close to the blocking stage. I expect to be able to finish all the fixes tonight and block tomorrow.
Mountain Laurel Counterpane blanket for baby Gelman
There was no point taking the Snowdrop project along to work today. There's probably not enough left to do on it to fill a whole day's worth of commuting time, and the work that does have to be done is pretty fiddly - I'd rather do it at home. So, the logical move was to continue one of my summer deadline projects. I've been procrastinating on this blanket because of the PITA factor - wrestling with the Magic Loop using a stiff 7mm circular needle on a lacy project is not, I have discovered, my idea of fun. So this morning I tried another approach: knitting the hexagon flat, and adding one selvedge stitch at each side so I could sew it up when finished. So far it is working bee-yew-tifully - I am just flying through the damn hexagon, as opposed to the slow crawl I was achieving by working in the round. Result: I am enthused about the project again, and might actually be able to work quickly enough on it to complete it in time.

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