Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Step one: Find the damn thing

I've been threatening a lot lately to take a picture of my husband's first attempt at knitting and post it here. However, when I came to actually do this, I ran into a little snag - I had no idea where to find it. But recently, triumph! It turns out he's been storing it in a plastic bag that keeps making its way onto the floor under the coffee table in our family room, to be found by our daughter, who exclaims, "Mummy's knitting!" At which point, of course, we are able to tell her, "Actually, that's Daddy's knitting."

Anyway, now I at least know where to find it. Step two will be to actually take a picture of it, preferably without him knowing. I don't want him getting all self-conscious on me about showing his knitting to others. (I'm not saying he would, I just don't want to run the risk. That would just be sillyness.)

Snowdrop cloth for DH's aunt
I think I am completely screwed. 18 days to go until the wedding, including today and the day of the actual event, and I have just six - count 'em, six - zig-zags done on the edging so far. Out of eighty. Screwed, I tell you, screwed. I haven't had a chance yet to take a shot of the edging (it looks very nice), but I can show you what the whole thing looked like, pre-edging, all laid out nicely on our living room floor this weekend, pseudo-blocked:

My apologies for the fact that the pattern of our living room rug is peeking through the knitting and messing with the view of the lace pattern on the cloth. However, you can probably still get a very good idea of how nice it looks anyway. Note also that the huge gaping maw is gone - I did some fixing-up of that. There's still more fixing to do because you can still sorta see it close-up, but it looks scads better than it did.

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