Friday, April 01, 2005

Happy April Fool's Day

Vigdis tunic for moi
Things are going well. The instructions call for six repeats of the main pattern before starting the neck shaping, and I'm well into repeat number four.
Snowdrop cloth for DH's aunt
The part of my brain I use for knitting has apparently hit a bad patch of Stupid. I had to stop knitting this last night because I'd made a mistake. I tinked back to the source of the problem before going to bed. This morning I thought I fixed the problem and kept going...only to find that the problem was not fixed after all, and I had to tink back all over again. Then I discovered the problem: I'd dropped a stitch. Always a fun thing to do when knitting lace (not). After fixing that, I continued the Row of Hell only to screw up the pattern further down the row. Finally, as my morning commute was nearing completion, I finally finished the Row of Hell...and a mere two rows later, I made another error. And I can't figure out where. Le sigh.
Preemie burial gown for St. Michael's Hospital
Done! All seams are sewn, all ends are darned in, all buttons are on. I shall have to call up my friend who works at St. Mike's and use my need to hand over the gown to her as an excuse for us to have lunch. :) Here are photos:

front (I put a decorative button on the bodice because the knitting was noticeably loose around that area and it didn't look too good)


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