Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Disruption of routine

Normally, when we visit my parents for dinner, I spend the pre-dinner time playing delightedly with my precious offspring, and the post-dinner time (after she falls asleep) knitting.

But in yesterday's mail, the Yarn Harlot's book arrived, and my husband brought it with him to my parents' home so I could start reading it right away. I am afraid that playing with DD and knitting took a back seat while I ate the book up. Unfortunately, DH was loathe to tolerate my habit of reading out the good bits (which, in this case, was just about Every. Single. Page.) because also in the mail yesterday was the textbook for the golf club making course he is taking next month. His excitement over his book was quite comparable to my excitement over my book. My mom had to tell me off because I was quoting too much to let him read it. :)

All in all, it was a big day yesterday, mail-wise. Because there was also a card from my grandma with two cheques - one for me, one for DD, containing the bequests to us from my grandfather's will. Nothing huge, since of course the bulk of his estate went to my grandma for her to live off of, but it definitely alleviates some worries. However, I would much rather have those worries. I want my grandpa back.

Cape Cod sweater for MIL
I think I will be taking another photo of this soon. I am making excellent headway on pattern repeat #2. The yarn is also flowing much more freely. I have discovered that although I can't stop the yarn from hanging up on itself, if I pull verrry gently and slowly, it will refrain from actually tangling and sort itself out.

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