Thursday, March 24, 2005

Last night

Last night I was working on the Vigdis tunic and my husband noticed I'd cast on something new.

"Whatcha working on?"

I told him.

Him, with attempt at stern look: "How many projects do you have that you're working on for yourself right now?"

Me: "Oh, about five."

Him: "And how many of them have you finished?"

Me: "Er...none..."

He looked at me significantly. I defended myself by pointing out all the purple yarn and how it was now not being used for anything now since I'd ripped out the afghan I'd bought it for. To my delight, he accepted this explanation as making a lot of sense. Muahahaha! I win. Then he said that he couldn't really talk anyway, since he had umpteen gazillion in-progress projects kicking around the house, too.

Ahhh. It's so nice to be married to someone who understands.

Also last night, I dreamed my co-worker's wife had twins. And they came early. And I didn't have enough knitting ready for them. That's a helluva feeling, I tell ya. This morning I confirmed with said co-worker that he was not having twins. His reaction (after, of course, 'Oh gawd no, not unless one's been hiding'):

"That's what you dream about?"

He has a point.

Vigdis tunic for moi
Worried about the small gauge I was getting with the purple yarn, I checked the pattern last night. The smallest size produces a tunic with a 45.5" chest. Forty-five and a half inches!!! I have about a 23" inch waist and an A-cup on a good day. What the heck do I need with a sweater 45.5" around?!? To hell with it, thought I, the fact that I'm getting small gauge with the yarn is good. I cast on. I revelled in the speed with which I was making progress. (Hey, it's tough when all your projects use fingerweight yarn on 3mm or smaller needles - moving up to worsted on 5.5mms is quite the heady rush, even if it does feel like I'm knitting with tree trunks.) Until this morning on the train, when I finished the ribbing and realised that the pattern was screwed up. Lavold clearly states that after you cast on, you are to start with a wrong side row. However, if you follow this direction (as I faithfully did), you will then be put in the position of having to do all your cable crosses, increases and decreases on the wrong side of the work. Which, although possible, isn't the way I like to do it, especially since Lavold calls for nifty-fancy increases, best done (IMO) with the right side of the work facing. So...riiiip. :(
Snowdrop cloth for DH's aunt
Work proceeds. No screwups last night. I now have seven snowdrops running horizontally across the work, and I'm starting to pick up some speed with the lace knitting, I think. I'm feeling pretty good about this now.
Cape Cod sweater for MIL
I'm settling nicely into the second pattern set. I wanted to post a picture, but DH and I kept falling back asleep after the alarms this morning, and I ran out of time. Stay tuned!

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