Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Canada Post is my friend

Lots of progress to report today, but oddly enough, none of it photo-worthy.

Cape Cod sweater for MIL
The yarn is here! The yarn is here! And oh...my...gawd. The lilac is exactly the colour I had in mind originally for this project. I mean exactly. Like, you couldn't have gotten any closer if you had plucked it directly from my brain. It may not have silk content, but it is very smooth and soft and quadrupled up it should work very well indeed, although of course I will be swatching first. I am very excited about this. Tonight, as my reward for doing laundry, I shall wind up some skeins and get swatchin'. The only question remaining is, what do I do with the other cone I bought? But I'm not worried. I am sure I'll be able to find some use for a pound of cotton-silk blend in a lovely cream colour. Mmm. (Incidentally, if anyone's interested, the vendor for all this yarn was knitfolio.)

Poncho for moi
Well, I took a good look at the gauge for the A Very Harlot Poncho pattern and the yarn I have for my poncho is exactly right. Woo! So I screwed up my courage and frogged everything I'd done so far. I then cast on for the Harlot Poncho and got several rows done before DH mercilessly pointed out that it was past my bedtime.

Spanish Knight sweater for Mom
I'm still slogging through this! It's a slow knit. The fact that it's damn cold outside today and my fingers are seizing up is also a factor. But the front continues to grow and look great. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have done enough to merit another picture.

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