Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Hillhead slipover for Grandpa
The yarn is here! The yarn is here! Lovely stuff. Just one concern, other than a niggling worry that I might not have enough - one of the colours which the pattern calls for is white. But the colour code of Jamieson & Smith wool which was specified in the pattern is actually a cream. I'm not sure if this will end up looking right. Obviously this is the fault of the book, not the yarn company, which has indeed sent me a lovely product. I suppose I could always go back and ask them to send me a skein of white instead if it ends up looking wrong. But in the meantime, I cast on all 328 stitches for the bottom ribbing last night, and got some more done this morning on the commute. There's no white in the ribbing, so I don't have to worry about my cream dilemma until I get to the actual fair isle pattern several inches from now. Nice yarn to work with so far. I'm enjoying myself!
United Way argyle cardigan for baby Rosatelli
Due to the large amount of untangling that needed to be done last night, not much more actual knitting has been done on this project since my last journal entry, but I have begun to split up the cardigan for the armholes, and am now working on the right front. I also have a picture, sorry about the out-of-focusness:

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