Friday, January 21, 2005

I may be in trouble.

In my hunt yesterday for another Lewiscraft even slightly convenient to me, I discovered that - all this time - there's been one really close to where I work! Argh! All those times I went out of my way for a Lewiscraft trip and all I had to do was take some time out from my lunch and walk a few minutes over to this store. This is great news, but it also means more temptation to go over and buy knitting stuff whenever I feel like it! My only saving grace is that Lewiscraft doesn't sell a lot of stuff that I couldn't get cheaper and in greater quantities at Zellers. With any luck, this fact will save my pocketbook. :)

In other news - Aven commented on the fact that I finished my BIL's sweater. Thank you very much for your congratulations - I am pretty damn elated about it myself, if you haven't guessed. :) And yes, absolutely there will be a photo coming - I take photos of all my completed projects, it's just that it always takes a while to go through the roll, get the film developed, scan the pictures and upload them. The good news is that my husband just took in our latest roll of film, which has pictures of a number of my recently finished projects, so more pictures will probably be coming soon.

Hillhead slipover for Grandpa
I haven't received the yarn, but my credit card has been charged, so hopefully it's on its way. Meanwhile, I got an update from my mom about my grandpa's health. The doctor seems confident that we might be able to fix some of the major problems. Unfortunately, my grandpa's inability to regulate his blood pressure does not seem to be in the realm of the fixable. This is a big problem, because every time he sits up (which he has to do to keep his body weight up), his blood pressure drops to ridiculous depths. They could of course give him medication to up his blood pressure, but then when he lies back down, it will rise to ridiculous heights. This, obviously, sucks rocks. It also means that he probably can never go home. This is not something he is going to enjoy hearing. Sigh. This is so frustrating. But I'm going to try to visit him this weekend, hopefully with DD in tow to raise his spirits. I'm thinking of waiting until I tell him about the slipover, though - ideally, I'd like to have it on needles to show him when he hears about it.
United Way cardigan for baby Rosatelli
Needless to say, after my discovery of the Lewiscraft close to work, I zipped over yesterday to try and get some red sportweight acrylic. I got the VERY LAST BALL in the store. Happiness! Now I'm swatching. And I am praising myself to the moon for swatching first, too - I'm discovering pattern tweaks that I have to make, and I've discovered that there is no way in hell that I should be stranding the non-working yarns across the back (yes, I was actually going to try that). I'll be making separate bobbins of yarn for each argyle diamond, thank you very much!
Spanish Knight sweater for Mom
What was it I said yesterday about trying to make progress on this in advance of Christmas? Yeah. I think that was before I realised I'd made a decreasing error six rows previously and not noticed. I had to rip out almost everything I did yesterday. Growl.
Patons sweater for baby Rosatelli
Neck ribbing is finished, cast off, folded inwards, and sewn down. I'm now weaving in ends and fixing up some unsightliness around the underarms where the body meets the yoke. Almost done!

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