Friday, January 28, 2005

From the comments: Aven gave compliments to my knitting based on the newest photos. As usual, thank you! :) I'm very pleased myself with how the colour combination on the cabled sweater turned out. I'm looking forward to Rob's reaction when I give it to him.

NEW - Fair isle gloves for DH
I got to thinking the other day, which is always dangerous. It was while looking at the duct tape-wrapped gardening gloves that DH has been using for mittens. Yes, you read that right. Duct tape-wrapped gardening gloves. I'm sure it sounds ridiculous. Believe me, it looks even more ridiculous. The man needs real gloves. I bought him a pair a few years ago that he says are the best gloves he's ever had. Unfortunately, in his stress-induced haste to leave work some weeks ago, there were a number of things he left behind, including one of his hats and - yep - his gloves. So it occurred to me, I'm going to have lots of coloured oddments leftover from my grandpa's slipover. Why don't I use those to make gloves for my hubby? Okay, I've never made gloves before. But it can't be that hard, right? Right? Well, we'll probably find out. If I have enough left over maybe I'll make him a matching hat.
Poncho for baby Ashthorn
This is coming along very nicely. I've got the entire body of the poncho done. Now I just have to do the neck and hem edging. What's holding me up, other than the fact that I'm not totally sure what pattern I want to do the edging in (minor detail, eh?) is that I don't have a 3.75mm circular needle (the body was done on 3.75mm straights). So I'm probably going to end up doing the edging on a 3.25mm circular. Stay tuned.
United Way argyle cardigan for baby Rosatelli
I'm now on swatch #3 - this time, with a significantly altered pattern (the diamonds in the original pattern turned out to be way too tall). The swatch is almost done, and I have to say that, apart from having screwed up on the pattern on the second set of diamonds, it looks great. Now I can figure out which rows the buttonholes need to go on, and then I can start the actual cardigan.

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