Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Re-reading yesterday's blog entry, I note that there is a correction to be made. My daughter does not technically say "Treeeee!". It's actually more like "Gleeeee!" But why split hairs.

And speaking of DD, my mom has just started crocheting a really pretty lacy dress for her. Mom chose a gorgeous lavender yarn which will look fantastic on my kiddie. She is currently dissatisfied with how the pattern is turning out, though. It's a "fan" lace motif, and it's not lying flat enough to suit her. There has been a fair amount of testing and ripping and testing and ripping so far...I expect there will be more before this is all finished. I am sure it will be worth it.

Last-minute Christmasness continues. Yesterday I pulled DH's cute little heinie out of the fire and bought the presents he is giving to our SIL. I brought them home to show him, and he heartily approved. All gifts for SIL and niece are now wrapped, boxed, and ready to be shipped off. We are hoping against hope that a) DH has the time to ship the box today and b) it will arrive by Friday. Unlikely unless we are willing to fork out a lot of cash, but we shall see. Fingers crossed.

Anywayz, onto knitting. This is now occurring every chance I get. Darkness during the car drives be damned, the knitting gets pulled out. DD wants to be fed Cheerios continuously throughout the drive? I can do that and knit. I'm also now eating my lunch at my desk so I can devote my entire lunch hour to the knitting.

Slipover for Grandpa
This project may never happen. My grandfather is not doing very well. He was diagnosed earlier this year with some kind of Crohn's-like problem, and now he has several other problems as well, such as erratic blood pressure. So occasionally he loses it a bit as the blood pressure drops, and then an hour later he is totally lucid. The frustrating part is that because DH, DD and I have been getting illness after illness, we haven't been able to see him because even getting a whiff of what we've been going through would probably do him in. The man is 90, after all. I'm really quite scared. I really, REALLY want to knit him this slipover and have him actually get a chance to wear it. More importantly, I want him to live long enough that DD can remember him. Stay tuned.
Stornaway sweater for BIL (cream)
It's looking less and less like this will be finished in time. But at least I have finished the shaping on sleeve #1. Now I am working my way down to the beginning of the cuff. I haven't measured it yet, but I'm guessing I probably have about 2 more inches to go until cuff ribbing begins. Of course, then it's another 2.5 inches of cuff ribbing. Geez. I think BIL is going to have a beautiful one-armed sweater.

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