Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Sick. As. A. Dog.

Fever, sore throat and muscle pain hit yesterday. Congestion is threatening. DD has given me her cold. Fortunately, DH is further into the cold than I (i.e. he's over the fever and dizziness), and was able to do most of the chores last night, so I went to bed around 7:45. So, absolutely no knitting has been done - I'm now spending all my time on commute dozing.

Stornaway sweater for BIL (cream)
Looked up the Magic Loop thingy. It definitely looks promising. When I get my health back, I'll try using it. It has to be more convenient than how badly I'm stretching the neckline stitches around the circular needle right now.
Jade Starmore sweater for Mom
Well, surprise surprise, I didn't win the auction for the silky wool. However, I did get a 2nd chance offer from the seller at my highest bid. However, since the seller now has another identical auction where the Buy It Now price is 35 cents less than my highest bid, I'm going to pass on the 2nd chance offer. I am, however, kicking myself for not making my highest bid lower so I could have really taken advantage of the 2nd chance offer! Oh, well. We'll see how this second auction goes.
Stornaway sweater for DH
I have decided to ax this project. Or, rather, replace it with something else. I have come to the conclusion that by the time I finish the two Stornaway sweaters for both BILs, I will never want to look at the pattern again! So although I do want to make something in forest green for DH, I will use another pattern. Maybe from Alice Starmore's Sweaters for Men book? I have a copy on the way to me right now from an eBay seller. Very exciting!

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